STRATEGIES! Supports STAND UP FOR CAMEROON in the development of a municipal plan to fight COVID-19

Communal Approach Cameroon to Fight Against COVID 19

As part of the fight against COVID-19, STRATEGIES! supported the STAND UP FOR CAMEROON movement in the design and development of a municipal plan to fight against the virus. This plan is a tool which gives municipalities the ability to build a complete response to COVID-19. The tool includes a global approach and a strategy with the four key aspects:

  • Coordination
  • Prevention
  • Care
  • Security

The final part of the municipal plan includes key steps which will enable a city council to begin implementation of its fight against COVID-19 within 10 days.

STRATEGIES! made its expertise in decentralization available to STAND UP FOR CAMEROON in the framework of a working group including researchers, doctors, economists and managers to develop this municipal plan which is made available to the public free of charge.  Click here to download the plan

STRATEGIES! has over 22 years of experience in municipal planning, participatory management at local level, local economic development, internal and external communication of a municipality, etc.

In the face of this global crisis, STRATEGIES! stands ready to support municipalities, local governments and their partners in the search and implementation of effective solutions to fight COVID-19 at the local level.