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Leadership and Managment

 No matter how bold and beautiful the vision, it will only produce results if properly managed. STRATEGIES!  helps your organization translate its vision into an implementable strategic plan, complete with management tools, evaluation frameworks, and result-oriented metrics .

Our services include : Leadership workshops, Coaching for leaders, African leadership, Women’s leadership, Team management, Management systems and tools, Monitoring and evaluation systems for teams, etc.

Team Building

  We conduct team building workshops that enable your teams to : Redefine their identity, Focus on their culture, Determine their objec tives, Strengthen their teamwork. Our team building activities are adapted to the African context, based on African concepts, and inspired by African leaders.

   At STRATEGIES! we believe in people.  People drive organizations, people drive success. STRATEGIES! will help you reach the right people, retain key talent, and develop the expertise and experience needed to maximize your results. As part of this service, we will provide you with the specific tools needed to effectively recruit, retain, and manage your team.


    We use our techniques and methods to conduct your events effectively and efficiently in order to build together a solution acceptable to all. Our services cover your conferences, congresses, seminars, policy workshops, training workshops, planning workshops, etc.

    STRATEGIES! is internationally recognized for its state-of- the-art participatory and bilingual (French & English) approach to facilitation..

Organizational Development

  We build the capacity of your organisation so that it can achieve its goals and fulfil its mission. We assist you in Developing your organizational identity, systems, and tools. We facilitate your planning workshops. We train you on planning methods and tools. We design planning systems for your organization.

      Building teams at all levels is a major challenge for all organizations. STRATEGIES!  helps you build on the diversity of your team to accomplish your goals and objectives. STRATEGIES! specializes in working with your organization to: Build Team vision and values, Cultivate team spirit and equally to Manage team conflicts.

Motivational Speacking

 Kah Walla is the founder and CEO of the 27-year old consulting firm, STRATEGIES!. In 2007, she was recognized as one of the 7 influential women entrepreneurs in Africa by the World Bank. In 2011, she became the first woman to ever run for President of the Republic of Cameroon. She has been recognized with several awards: The Vital Voices Global Leadership Award in public Life (2012), the DVF Award (2014), and the Vital Voices Vanguard Award (2015). During public speaking events where she is invited, she shares her experience as a Political Leader, Activist and Entrepreneur.

      Our speakers give insights on key topics relating to our areas of expertise and with facts that dive the public into serious acclamations..

Coaching Advisory

Our coaching services are geared for executives and business leaders who want to improve their capabilities, embed more effective behaviours and deliver even better results.

    Our coaching services enable you to develop skills, tools and methods in order to improve the work you do. Through our advisory services, we support you in implementing the projects or programmes you are responsible for so that they produce the expected results.

Our Expertises



         Local  Governance                                                                             

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Natural Resource

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 Agriculture : Developing Farmers’ Organizations


Value Chains 

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Gender mainstreaming


Women’s Leadership 

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Motivational Speaking

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        Economic Development



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