•  World Bank 2008 Doing Business Report: Cameroon

  •  Amelioration du Milieu des Affaires

  •  Women in Trade

  •  Le Leadership Feminin

  •  Women, the World's Most Important Economic Resource

  •  Investment in Sustainable Land Management: Cameroon

  •  SADC Fire Management Program

  •  African Union Advisory Board on Corruption: Strategic Plan

  •  Developing Communication and Marketing Strategies for Local Governments (French)

STRATEGIES! contributes to various Think Tanks and discussion platforms as a member of international networks. Topics discussed in these networks include, among others, entrepreneurship, economic empowerment and women political empowerment.

  •  The World Entrepreneurship Forum (WEF)

  •  La Pietra Coalition

  •  Vital Voices Global Leadership Network (VVGLN)

  •  International Women's Forum (IWF)