For over a decade, STRATEGIES! has worked with local, regional, and international bodies addressing good governance, conflict resolution, and post-conflict reconstruction. Through our work, we help organizations develop effective and innovative strategies to tackle the
complex challenges of improving local, national and regional governance structures.

Examples of our Work

  • African Union Advisory Board on Corruption: In partnership with the GIZ AU Office, STRATEGIES! facilitated the development of the organization’s 5-year strategic plan. See here for more details.


  • International Conference on the Great Lakes Region: Working with the Executive Secretariat of the ICGLR, STRATEGIES! facilitated the development of the Regional Initiative on “Prevention and Punishment of Crimes of Genocide, War Crimes, Crimes Against Humanity, Crimes of Sexual Violence, Fighting Impunity, and Reconciliation.” See here for more details.


  • Pan African Parliament: In 2010, STRATEGIES! helped the PAP develop a long-term strategic plan guiding their transition into a legislative body. See here for more details.