STRATEGIES! works closely with local councils, national governments, and regional bodies to determine top agricultural, natural resource, and land management policy priorities. STRATEGIES! recognizes the importance of sustainable resource management to peace and
security, and is thus committed to supporting government efforts in designing effective and responsive agricultural policies and programs.

Examples of our work

  • Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme: STRATEGIES! facilitated the continent-wide CAADP meeting, dedicated to ensuring the development and implementation of national agriculture and food security investment plans across the region. See here for more details.


  • West and Central African Council for Agricultural Research and Development: Working with officials from 22 member states across West and Central Africa, STRATEGIES! helped identify the top research priorities for advancing non-staple crop development in the region. See here for more details.


  • AfricaInteract: For two years, STRATEGIES! worked with West and East Africa representatives of AfricaInteract, facilitating dialogue between researchers and policy makers to advance climate change efforts across the continent. See here for more details.
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