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africa map Key Impacts of COVID-19 in Africa

Key Impacts of COVID-19 in Africa

As soon as Africa recorded its first case of coronavirus in mid-February, multiple projections on the disease’s impact on the continent were made.  Though it is still difficult to ascertain how COVID-19 is evolving on the continent due to very limited testing and research at national levels, four months after the […]

Working amidst Covid-19 at STRATEGIES!

STRATEGIES! in the world. We are globetrotters. We earn our living by travelling around the world and gathering people together to plan, think, learn, solve problems, create, share and so on. With the spread of Covid-19 across five continents, everything happened so quickly: closing of borders, sharp slowdown of economic and […]

Exemple of Great African Leaders

Finding African Solutions to African Problems begins with African Leadership

Since the wave of independence in the 1960s, Africa has consistently experienced serious development challenges. In this moment, as we face COVID-19, our structural deficiencies are flagrant.  Faced with a disease that requires people to wash hands regularly, we must admit the fact that 40% of our population does not have […]

STRATEGIES ! accompagne STAND UP FOR CAMEROON dans l’élaboration d’un plan de lutte communal Contre COVID-19

Dans le cadre de la lutte contre le COVID-19, STRATEGIES ! a accompagné le mouvement STAND UP FOR CAMEROON dans la conception et l’élaboration d’un plan de lutte communal.  Ce plan communal est un outil permettant aux communes d’avoir une vue d’ensemble dans la réponse au COVID-19. L’outil comprend une approche globale […]

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La clé de voûte du professionnalisme et du management.
Dieudonné NKWELLE

Dieudonné NKWELLE

Un cadre parfait d'acquisition du professionnalisme.
Lazare Junior NKOGO MBIDA

Lazare Junior NKOGO MBIDA

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