Building African Institutions for Africans

Upcoming online conference on December 8th, 2020 from 3.30pm to 7pm Via Zoom

25th Anniversary – Virtual Conference

Building African Institutions for Africans


The potential of the African continent has never been in doubt: Young people represent 77% of its total population[1]; Africa has 60% of the world’s unexploited arable land[2]; various mining resources populate its subsoil, etc. However, Africa remains the least developed region in the world and one of the reasons for this situation lies in the quality of African institutions. Indeed, recent studies have shown the link between the quality of institutions, poor governance affecting the continent and its socio-economic development.

Weak and dysfunctional national governments in far too many African states lead to the inability to provide basic services to citizens and grow economies that can create jobs for Africa’s millions of young people. The weakness of national governments has led to weak institutions in multiple sectors.

This institutional crisis is not limited to the domestic level. Given that national governments are the building blocks for regional and continental cooperation and integration, their weakness has tended to translate to these upper institutional echelons as well. The creation of multiple regional or continental organizations is driven by the desire of African states to address common problems such as poverty, violent conflict and underdevelopment together. However, weak governance in these institutions generally prevents them from accomplishing the missions for which they were created and has led to many Africans questioning the relevance of these organizations.

Africa can no longer content itself with speaking of potential.  The time for achieving results is long overdue.  To achieve results Africa must build strong institutions from the grassroots to the apex of the continent.

  • What key pillars are needed for African institutions to succeed?
  • How can these institutions provide solutions to the fundamental needs of African citizens?
  • What needs to be done by African citizens, African governments and foreign partners to achieve this?

For 25 years, STRATEGIES!, an international firm specialized in leadership and management, has been accompanying African institutions in their transformation process, at local, regional and continental levels. From local governments through national governments to continental institutions STRATEGIES! has offered services aimed at strengthening these institutions with some successes and many failures. STRATEGIES! believes the institutions that Africa needs to reach its full potential are institutions that provide sustainable African solutions to Africa’s particular sets of problems.


Themes that will be discussed during the conference:

  • Achievements, challenges and potential of African Institutions
  • The path to creation or transformation of institutions that serve the needs of Africans
  • The role of citizens, governments and partners in building the institutions Africa needs


The conference will be attended by:

  • High level managers in African institutions
  • Government officials
  • Private sector – Decision-makers of multinationals in Africa
  • African Entrepreneurs
  • Leadership and senior staff of development organizations

Invited speakers 

Oby Ezekwesili


      • Candidate for President of Nigeria in 2019
      • Founder of the governance transformation initiative #FixPolitics in Nigeria
      • Co-founder Bring Back Our Girls Advocacy group
      • Former Vice President for Africa Region, World Bank
      • Co-founder, Transparency International
      • Former Minister of Solid Minerals and Former Minister of Education, Government of Nigeria
      • Chartered Account



Kah Walla 

Kah Walla


  • Candidate for President of Cameroon in 2011
  • President of the Cameroon People’s Party
  • Consultant and adviser to over 30 local governments, 5 African governments, 7 regional and continental institutions


Deqo Mohamed


  • CEO of the Dr Hawa Abdi Foundation
  • Obstetrician-gynecologist
  • Manager of Hope Village in Somalia.  Hope Village offers care and community to thousands of displaced Somalis.  The village consists of a 400-bed hospital, a primary school, a high school, a women’s education center, agricultural projects, a sanitation program and a refuge for families


Liberata Mula Mula


  • Visiting Scholar and Associate Director of the Institute for African Studies at the George Washington University
  • Former Ambassador of Tanzania to the United States
  • Former Senior Diplomatic Advisor to President of Tanzania, H.E. Jakaya Kikwete
  • First Executive Secretary of the International Conference for the Great Lakes Region on Peace, Stability and Development.

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