STRATEGIES! is a consulting firm specialised in Leadership & Management, offering its services
to international development organisations and private companies in the following areas

  • Organisational development
  • Strategic and operational planning
  • Project design, monitoring and evaluation,
  • Conceptualisation and facilitation of international workshops and conferences, etc.
  • The production of analytical notes and studies on Peace and Security, Democracy & Good
    Governance and Economic issues.

After 27 years of experience, STRATEGIES! wishes to consolidate its international positioning and
increase its visibility on the themes of its expertise. With this in mind :
STRATEGIES! is recruiting two (02) interns to contribute to the production of its product “MACRO –

⮚ Roles and responsibilities :
Under the supervision of STRATEGIES senior consultants, the intern will:

  • Conduct online research necessary for the preparation and facilitation of workshops and
    international conferences.
  • Conduct literature reviews (Newspapers, Articles, Journals, etc)
  • Contribute to the preparation of briefing notes, information notes and analysis notes.
  • Contribute to the setting up of databases of experts and relevant information sources for the
    collection and processing of information
  • Contribute to the editing and production of content in different formats (Word & Power

⮚ Competence required :
Applicants must demonstrate :

  • A good general knowledge of political, economic, security and humanitarian issues in
    Cameroon, Africa and the world.
  • A basic knowledge of computer tools
  • Good internet research skills
  • A good ability to synthesize research
  • An ability to work under pressure.
  • A high level of concentration.
  • A great ability to listen.

This would be an asset:

  • To have given regular presentations in school or academic settings.
  • To have written internship reports and/or a dissertation.
  • Write articles on a blog or in the media.
  • To be familiar with online search techniques.
  • To know the referencing of the data collected (identification and indication of the most
    relevant sources)
  • Have a good knowledge of social media: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

⮚ Skills and experience required
Academic/educational qualifications :

  • A postgraduate degree in the human and social sciences is an asset.
  • All candidates must have a degree in higher education.
  • Those who do not have one will have to demonstrate an ability to do the research work online through previous work.

Language skills :

  • Fluency in English or French is required (written and spoken) – with an emphasis on English.

➢ Working arrangements

  • It is not necessary to work physically at STRATEGIES! office or in the city of Douala.
  • A physical presence will sometimes be necessary but is not essential most of the time.

➢ Documents to be submitted

  • Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • 3 different writing samples showing the variety of style and target audience
  • One or two examples of online pages or communities that you manage.

If there are many applicants, a test will be organised to test :
• Basic research and synthesis skills
• Computer skills

The internship may lead to recruitment.

Applications must be submitted by Wednesday 20 April 2022 at 6 PM to the following address
Note: Only applications received by email and meeting the requirements will be considered.